Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Julianna' 1st Bday

Ok so this was a year ago but had to put something up.....

1. Julianna's Thank You's - Butterfly theme
2. Playing dress up during out photo shoot
3. Party favors for the little girls - HaloHeaven.com
4. Custom cookie favors - emmaschocolatesandgifts.com

The BEST Cakes!!!

I hope I did this right....this is a link to my dear friend Bonnie's facebook page. She is an amazing cake designer/baker and I just LOVE to spread the word about her. Take a look and become a fan!!!


This is the cake she just recently created for my daughter Julianna's 2nd birthday!

So excited...finally my 1st post!

Ok I have FINALLY done it, I have given in to my passion to blog! I have wanted to do this for so long because honestly, I just have way TOO much to say about EVERYTHING....especially decorating, party planning and my kids!

I am a stay at home Mom, (kind of) other then keeping myself busy with my amazing husband and 3 kids, Dominick 17, Joseph 6 and Julianna 2, I am obsessed with party planning and decorating and everything creative. I try to find every excuse to host a party or event and try to push my ideas on my friends and their parties!!! I also REALLY LOVE to bring people together, I sometimes consider myself a professional networker. I enjoy sharing my ideas with others and being inspired by others.

BUT, you all must be patient with me because although I have a very creative mind, I don't know too much about the whole blog thing so sit back, be patient but most of all enjoy!